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Running Outdoors

Personal Training


I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with you taking the first step.  Once you take initiative, my aim will be to help you identify your goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every exercise and every workout. My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great! The workouts will have a balance between strength, aerobic conditioning, and mobility exercises. 

Do you want to feel more healthy and strong?
Do you have an expedition coming up in a couple of months?
Do you want to improve your performance?
Do you want to continue exercising during your pregnancy and you want some guidance?
Or are you looking at getting back into shape as a new mom?


These are the different services that we offer:

- Pre and Post Natal training support

- Training plans

- Individualised training plans

- Developing strength for women

-Outdoor focused Personal Training

- Effortless Running Method; technique focus and running plans

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32 Training sessions for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Strength training for me goes hand in hand with mobility training to ensure that we do not just build our strength but also give our bodies the time and space to recover and adjust to the effort we are putting it through.

I will be launching a new online training program!

In an easy to follow along app, where you can do the workouts at your pace and at your convenience.

This is NOT a beginner plan, this is aimed at people who spend time outdoors on a regular basis and who are looking to add something to their already active life. 


This plan will be a combination of strength sessions, HIIT sessions, and mobility sessions. 

Knowing that we all live busy lives, the sessions will be between 30-45min.

Running Outdoor

8 week at home programs

I provide professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Check out my offerings and choose one suitable to your ambitions and lifestyle.

Guy Skiing

Lower body 
Ski fit


Muscle toning
Full body


Upper body & core

Personal Training : Classes

12 week plan

Running Shoes

12 weken plan 

Outdoor Aerobics

12 week plan

Ben jij vrij nieuw in de fitness wereld of ben je op zoek naar wat motivatie en inspiratie? Dan kun je hier een plan vinden die perfect is voor jou. Een 12 weken training schema, gefocused op een total body workout zonder materiaal. Dit plan kun je doen in je tuin, keuken of slaapkamer en wanneer je maar wilt! Elke workout heeft videos voor elke oefening in elke sessie. Afhankelijk van jou fitness level kun je meer of minder sets en repitities doen.

Are you quite new to working out or are looking for some guidance and inspiration? Then this is the place where you can find the perfect training plan for what you are looking for. This 12 week plan is focused on total body workouts with no equipment. You can do these in your garden, kitchen or bedroom and whenever you feel like doing it! Each workout will have videos for each exercise which will help you along your journey. Depending on your level of fitness and experience you can do less or more repetitions or sets.

Our 10day Plant-based recipe Ebook is out.
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